Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EURO 2012: Steady start for England. Closing minutes of Greece Vs. Czech Republic.

The general expectation for England's hopes have dropped considerably this year, most fans hearts for the side have been broken many times over the decade or so of World Cups, Euros and general international football disappointment.
This lack of enthusiasm may have relieved some of the pressure off the England side as the medias coverage has been less ferocious.

From the sides performance in the friendlies before hand (including a 1-0 win against Norway which was a first since 32 years ago) and their strong footed performance against France I think it is fair to say that England are looking a fresher and more consistent side.

France played some great possessive football and Benzema, Nasri and Ribbery were all looking very dangerous to our game. We scored the opening goal from a beautiful free kick cross from Gerrard which landed to Lescott's head. France became more dominant through the game and Nasri equalized with a quality finish, he had plenty of time to pick his spot as the midfield line was too deep within the box to intercept the shot.

We did lose possession as time marched on but our tactic of countering looked increasingly damaging to France. Theo came on late in the game and I think he should have came on sooner to have really settled in and to create some more chances for England.

A positive draw resulted, in our next game we should hope to have more flair up front and be more patient in our build up towards the oppositions goal. Personally, the flair would come naturally from Theo who has pace and confidence to run at defenders.

Greece's 6 minute nightmare

The dream start for Czech Republic as they managed to score 2 goals in the first six minutes of their encounter against Greece. Jiracek 3' and Pilar 6' scored from quick and decisive play from the Czechs, Greece looked confused and very clumsy at the start of the game.

However things started to look better for the Greeks as they replied, quite belately, with a goal from Gekas 53'. Czech Republic held on to their 2-1 victory and generally looked the stronger team on the pitch. They now place second behind Russia (on goal difference). Greece need to beat Russia to stand a chance of progression.

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