Friday, 6 July 2012

H-Boson: Giving Out Mass Since the Dawn of Space Time

  Peter Higgs wiped a tear from his eye as the validation of his theoretical prediction was announced. This is no great surprise. To see his prediction try and be tested with experimental methods let alone become verified is a great achievement. Any scientist would have felt so much emotion, so much passion and relief about there discovery, even more so that it is a theoretical one.

This not only increases scientific confidence with the standard model it increases our confidence in physicists and mathematicians approaches to the laws and mechanisms of the world. Symmetry and symmetry breaking, conservation laws, Quantum uncertainty and the correlating mathematical analysis seem to great theoretical tools that can be used to uncover natures secrets.

The find which was a product of huge teams of physicists, engineers and mathematicians at Cern, ATLAS and leading universities opens new doors... as does all scientific findings. As we come to understand the nature of matter (dark and normal matter) and how the universe behaved in the first few increments time great technological advances could be made.

We might even see an Anti-Higgs which could path way for technologies which could defy gravity and even accelerate at speeds extremely close to light... or even faster.

Brief explanation of the Standard Model and the Higgs Boson

The standard model is a theory which explains how fundamental particles interact through forces. These forces include the strong, weak, electromagnetism and gravity). The framework classifies particles in sections due to their physical attributes:

Genre of matter FERMIONS: They are classed in this section due to their obedience to Fermi-Dirac statistics and their obedience to the Pauli exclusion principle which dictates that no two fermions can exist in the same quantum state simultaneously.

Quarks: Quarks were proposed in the 'Quark model' by Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig. There are six types of quarks: up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top. Quarks do not exist isolated so their properties are deduced from experiments conducted on hadrons.

Leptons: These are the typical charge carriers such as the electron (neg), positron, muon(neg) and the neutrinos.

Gauge Bosons:  These particles can each be paired with a fundamental force as they act as force carriers. Higgs Boson/ Gravity (potentially), W and Z/ Weak and strong interaction, photon/ electromagnetism, gluons/ strong force between quarks.

Higgs Boson allows particle to have mass and has verified, to a greater extent, the standard model.

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  1. Every once in a while on this planet there are two or more independent events that occur in close proximity to each other that when we look back the events tend to merge. In 1969 Judy Garland's death and Stonewall resonated with many people that some thought that Garland's death was probably the cause of the riots. Whether or not they actually were related, the events are related in a string consciousiness of humanity. 
    Now we have Levitated Mass and Higgs Boson which is a transformative theory of psychics. As one views Levitated Mass one descends below and rise around the mass, one's opinions of it are transformed. It can be positive or negative but the fact remains that it is art that one experiences the moment of passing under it. 
    Now Higgs Boson is a transformative. From what I understand of it energy or light passes through Higgs and is transformed into Mass. Supposedly it is symetrical and never ending. This leads to new age beliefs that we are in some sort of cosmic loop reliving our lives in this way or many alternatives, sort of like that TV series, FLASHFORWARD.
    So Levitated Mass, which has been in the making for years and Higgs Boson, which was announced at least a year ago, wound up being in the media and the string consciousness of humans within 10 days of each other.
    Since there really are no more coincidences I wonder how the events will be remembered in history.