Thursday, 8 November 2012

On Why Politics Should Become Scientific

Politics is not a scientific field. It is a field based largely on ideology, philosophy, economics and some extra little science which is chosen at will. A lot of politicians ignore science, evidence that they may need to collate and they sometimes ignore people who have experience or expertise in a given field.

Here for instance is a video of Sir Alan Sugar presenting his speech about the economy, he presents his views clearly, honestly and presents some 'tangible' real implementations.. such as Duty on diesel reduction, tax revenue deduction etc. for small-medium businesses which are employing more people and taking part in good, fair business.

Sir Alan Sugar has become a peer of the house of lords. He will no doubt use his business knowledge to inform the Lords on legislation. His knowledge was gained from real experience (experience should 99% of the time  be respected and valued as experience teaches us about what we have experienced, in Sugar's case it is the world of business and finance).

Here is a video of the worst of the houses of parliament, here we witness disorder and chaos in a place where ordered, specific and careful debate should take place (as what the houses implement within the state affects the economy and the lives of it's citizens):

There are many more instances of chaos like this... many instances of name-calling, heckling and just outright useless jabbering. However, many MPs genuinely care about their constituency but a lot of them care more about their wage, their social status and their ego to really spend most of their focus on solving problems.

We must question whether MPs and politicians in general have the right tool kits to solve complicated problems within complicated systems. Most of the issues arising are to do with the economy, with education and health. These are all systems which can be modeled by mathematics and science (or regulations and changes can be based upon evidence and testing).

How can this field become a field where problems are solved due to evidence and tested assumptions?

Society is complex. Politicians, Lords etc. have a hard job of putting legislation, initiatives and programs in to effect the motion of society in such a way as to begin to improve problems. However most politicians have no training in modelling complex systems in a specific way. They are not trained to completely separate their moral, religious and emotional values from the facts. Scientists are trained to do this everyday, if they don't do this efficiently then they will soon see more failures than successes within their research as their morals may steer them away from evidence or away from some possible theory which does not sit well with their previous intuition.

This field can become more scientific if future politicians have scientific training or are able to solve problems like a scientist. It is not enough for MPs to refer to other working scientists (as they are busy) and these MPs may still pick and choose data or conclusions to fit their view of the problem or just to stay in the game (money for themselves). 

In the house of lords we want to see projectors which show presentations of data collections or tests on different methods of teaching and showing each successes or failures of methods. We need to be more specific in politics as changing or analyzing complex systems, ignoring or not taking time to find details, will lead to great uncertainties and deviations. 

Take for example economic theory, it ignores some basic facts about human psychology and the environment. These all have parts in the function which defines the system. 

So at the heart of this is educating a large volume of the youth in solving problems scientifically and mathematically and using practicality, equality and reason to run the government and houses of parliament.

But politics is still governed by a certain class, from a certain education system and holds many a person who just wants wealth. 

This class is the upper classes from  private/public schools where traditional history, politics etc. is taught rather than pure problem solving and using quantitative ideas/techniques to test assumptions and predictions.

What this nation, more importantly this world, needs is people who can solve problems to increase financial success, knowledge and healthy and solve them god damn well. These people are in demand but the field of politics is so convoluted that nobody apart from posh-upper-class-eton-latin-reading-philosophical-bullshitters who want duck houses is going to go in it.

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