Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A 15 Year Old Rape Victim Is Sentenced to 100 Whip Lashes in the Maldives

This is my emotional reaction to the Court who agreed to the punishment for pre-marital sex.
The charges arose during an investigation last year into her step-father raping her then killing the baby conceived by her. The '100 lashes' is a punishment for having consenting pre-marital sex which is against Islamic doctrine. Maldivian government officials do not agree with the punishment and are 'looking' into changing the law. They better hurry up. This punishment reminds us of the ancient world and a time of inhumanity towards each other. It is unnecessary, violent and seemingly hypocritical and contradictory to the rights of people. The punishment is also unjust in itself, the act of having pre-marital sex is only seen unjust according to scripture. It is not objectively reasoned to be unjust and hence it is arbitrary. Justice should not based on arbitrary notions.


This is disgusting, archaic and completely un-justified! We know what is to blame... the disgustingly irrational,  extremely archaic and completely un-justified Islamic dogma which has been cemented in law !

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