Friday, 20 December 2013


Aborto es sagrado = Abortion is sacred

  #MiBomboEsMio is a breaking trend on twitter and it is concerned with the recent abortion law controversy in Spain. The Spanish government are backing a new restrictive abortion law which will decrease the amount of time from birth which a mother can abort. Many are protesting against such a law as they believe that it is restricting the mothers autonomy.

  The current law dictates that before 14 weeks from birth abortion is legal, any cases of rape will allow abortion at any date and if the female is at danger abortion is valid. If the foetus has any deformities the allowed time is 22 weeks.

  Spanish conservatives who hold the majority of parliamentary seats believe that it should not be the mothers right to choose what happens to the baby... this would normally lead to abortion becoming eradicated but this would cause an outright upheaval. So the government are just cutting the time away... poco a poco. It must also be noted that these conservatives are mostly catholic, which can only mean they are pushing this law into activity because abortion contradicts the religious idea that life is sacred and only God can decide what happens to it.

  Well.. well... here lies the contention. Who has the right to decide what happens to a new life? Firstly we must rule out any religious arguments because by definition they rest on the assumption of the infallibility of the holy scripture and on the existence and supremacy of God, which according to modern empiricism does not exist.

  An embryo or any cellular structure before and after this stage of growth has its origins within the mother. We must not forget the role of the father or sperm provider. So the embryo is a product of the sexual relations of two human beings, if this sexual relation was forced then abortion by law is valid but if it was not forced then the two human beings must have had a choice. They exercised their autonomy to bring a new life into this world.

  In the eyes of the law, modern secularism, democracy and morality a person has responsibility for its own choices. How is a new life different? I believe that the government does not hold a right (unless over population is a huge problem which poses extreme problems to the quality of life of its inhabitants, which it does not in this case)* to decide when the right time is for abortion. I believe, under the argument that new life is a product of choices of two free individuals and such individuals must therefore take responsibility of such products, that the right to abortion must be given to the mother and father. As the mother carries this life within her womb and exerts more energy and time onto it, she has the overall power to decide to abort or not.

  Another argument we can use against this new restrictive law and any restrictive law on abortion is thus: If we give pregnant women the maximum amount of time to reflect and receive information on the implications of bringing a new life into this world or destroying it then they will be in a better position to make the right choice, for them and maybe for the government too. As strains on benefit systems, healthcare and social care might be overwhelmed with new unwanted babies or broken homes.

  Let's get rid of old conservative-religious notions on the nonsense that is 'the sanctity of life', let us realise (which most people have) that abortion is the right of the mothers and giving this right will benefit their welfare and potentially us too.

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